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Why Go Green?

It's a question that needs no added validation: Going GREEN is, in every way, the best option for us and for our earth. The biggest will be ultimately FREE electricity i.e. Your installation will pay for itself, over time and ultimately lead to no monthly power bills! Obviously there are many more wonderful benefits to going GREEN. Visit to find out more.

GREEN is clean!

We've all heard it before BUT has it ever really made a difference to how we think about Solar Energy? No ugly emissions or chemicals, just clean, natural energy converted into clean, usable energy. Be part of a forward-thinking community, doing its bit to help to keep our environment clean, naturally...

GREEN is the new Green!

In Colour Psychology, the colour green signifies new growth or new life. But it also stands for calm, unity, focus and vision... so, even if your vision is "dollar signs", going Solar with MelJin Enery, will see you achieving exactly that. It's not just a colour, it's a state of mind! Get more 'fun facts' and info at

MelJin Business & Commercial welcomes Energetics SA

MelJin Business & Commercial welcomes the association of Energetics SA! Together we're providing the world with a better energy solution. We're easing the pocket, cleaning the environment and offering a new, better way of thinking about yourself and those you love... Go GREEN with us!


MBC's proud to offer aid to non-profit organisations. Substance abuse, animal anti-cruelty, underprivileged communities - EVERYONE needs a hand. Help us to help people... and animals! Visit Mellisa du Toit's Direct Motivation to find out more.


Become part of the MelJin Community! Meet people in the industry you're in and network with professionals all over the Western Cape...starting with US, of course!


Knowledge is power, in the hands of one who knows how to use it! MBC believes in knowing your craft, promoting yourself and your business. Visit MBC Community for more.

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