MelJin Business & Commercial Services

MelJin Business & Commercial is an established Real Estate Agency, specialising in Industrial and Commercial Property. With the addition of some fabulous people in the Graphic/Web Design field in 2015, we decided to form a new branch of MBC: ‘Perfect Promos’.

As the name implies, this MelJin branch deals with promoting our MelJin client businesses, brands, products and services. While not exclusive to existing MelJin family members i.e. you don’t need to have leased property with MBC to make use of the various ‘Perfect Promos’ packages available, this feature is dedicated to creating brand awareness for all our new and existing clients.

MelJin Hosting

MelJin has your business website ready and waiting, but if all you need is the space, we’ve also got you covered. We provide superior hosting focused on speed, security and customer service.
Working with SiteGround, we have various set packages in place, however a specialised solution, based on specs you provide, can be created with all your checkboxes ticked.


While still in the development phase, MBC will soon offer the ‘MBC Factfile’. This section is devoted to answering client questions across all MelJin Business & Commercial services, procedures, listings and in-general ‘I-wanna-know-stuff’ questions. Here, the questioner (you) would type in whatever he or she requires an answer to, and the questionee (us) will find and provide all resources we have on file that match the search criteria. If it’s a question related directly to MBC or any of its products or services, we’re positive you’ll find a quick, easy and informative answer. If it’s something a little more out of our neighbourhood, drop us a line, and we’ll find out for you!

Free WordPress themes

Also still in its infancy, but quickly becoming a workable option, is our WordPress Themes List. Already available are some free themes developed by the SiteGround experts but, in the not too distant future, MelJin will be providing any existing client, a bling upgrade of their current site (if they already have 1 – with us or another provider), where we offer a selection of WordPress themes developed with you in mind and sporting that exclusive, ‘reeks-of-taste’, MelJin flair… good grief, that’s a mouthful… just wait and see! 😅😘

Design Our Tine (Time, but with an ‘N’)

Ya, we don’t know either! But that’s what’s great! YOU get to make the design rules! As long as it stays out of the RED zone (Really Erroneous Design). Which is why our design team, who wakes up solely to make (and keep) you fabulous, will be right there, advising, assisting, implementing all your ideas for just about ANY design need who have. From signage to shirts, apps to appliances, whatever your design project, MBC is here to help make that dream take flight! As with most of the other MBC services, you don’t need to leasing with us to make use of this feature, but if you are already a MelJin family member and have a “…need for speed…” (and a great design) we’ll have a special little design incentive for you!