Property is Our Business

At MelJin Business & Commercial, we believe in delivering the best service, to the best of our ability to build your business in a way that's best for you. That's a lot of 'best' - and you best be sure, we aim to please... and deliver.

You'll find our real estate services professionally implemented with style and just a touch of that special 'bling' that sets MelJin above the rest. Get in touch today and start that journey to success with us.

We're here to help you fly... So? Go on! Spread them wings!

1 thought on “Property is Our Business”

  1. Nic J. Georgeadies

    MelJin Business & Commercial isn’t just a central hub of real estate connectivity, it is a place for real people to work with real people…who actually care. Mellisa du Toit and the other ladies truly inspire and uplift – even as they just, -do their jobs! It’s wonderful that their are still people in business, really trying to help people and build our society.
    Thanks Mel and them ‘team’ for the support, friendship and kindenss you’ve shown me – as a friend, in friendship, but also, and even, as a colleague.
    We’ll see this thing grow well beyond expectation – like I always say “…when something’s done slowly, and deliberately, it’s done RIGHT!”
    Much love to you and fam!