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“Don’t let the past to get in the way of your future. If it doesn’t build towards the goal, learn from it, take what you can and move forward, quick as you can. ‘Cos YOU CAN!

Who Is


MelJin Business & Commercial (MBC) originated as a small but fierce😎, Industrial and Commercial Property Agency, aptly named, MelJin Property Brokers (MPB). Owned and captained by the always glamorous, Melissa du Toit, MelJin offered various, professional, property services, ranging from “hands-on” maintenance to corporate branding and marketing – MBC gave you the whole nine yards.
Since then, we’re still giving you the 9, but now, we’re adding a ‘and then some!’ too. By expanding our services to include ‘add-on’ MBC branches, we’ve also extended our client base and reach, into other sectors and communities. These additional branches, amongst others which are still in development, include:
MelJin Energy Consultants (MEC), specialising in solar power for your home or business,
MelJin Roofing Solutions (MRS), suppliers of roofing insulation, roofing repairs and maintenance,
and our latest addition,
MelJin Design & Development (MDD), catering to current clients’ digital and marketing needs, as well as offering a professional design team, small, but efficient and literally, the best, in the business, when it comes to the visually pleasing… Come and see!

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